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1. Introduction

HTML is stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the basic requirement for any website or web application. HTML language is simple and easy to learn. This tutorial will make it easiest for you to grasp all the knowledge and ideas required to be a HTML Developer.

A. HTML Tags
– HTML Tag starts with <> and ends with </>.

B. HTML Elements
– HTML Element is define with a start tag and closed with an end tag.
– Examples:

C. HTML Attributes
– HTML Attributes can be considered as properties of an HTML element. For example, there is a room and its number is 101. You can consider the room as HTML element and the “Room Number” as HTML Attribute.

– Example

Here <h1> is an HTML element and ‘red-heading’ is an attribute (or class attribute). Using the class name ‘red-heading’ you can style the <h1> element, make it hide or show and many more. You will learn more about class in upcoming lectures.

2. A basic HTML 5 document

Breaking down the HTML 5 document:
<!doctype html> tells the browser that this document is HTML 5 document.
<html> marks the start of HTML page. It is the root element.
<head> element stores all meta data of a webpage such as title, description, etc.
charset is an attribute used to define character set to be used in the document.
<title> element is used to define webpage title that you can see on any web browser’s tab.
<body> element holds all the visible content shown in any webpage.
<h1> element is used to write most important heading.
<p> element is used to write paragraph.

That’s enough talks on HTML theory. In the next lecture we are going to dive into CSS and then we will move straight into building our first project using HTML and CSS with step by step practical approach.

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