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Introduction To CSS 3 Tutorial:

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to style HTML elements, for example color of a webpage, font size, adding space, borders, etc.

CSS can be used in three ways:

1. Inline CSS:

Inline CSS is used as HTML Attribute, it is written directly into HTML element with a style attribute.


*Using this method is not advisable.

2. Internal CSS:

Internal CSS is written in between <head> and </head>. It is enclosed under style tag, starting with <style> and closing with </style>.

If you want to add red color to <h1> element in a webpage you would so as follows:


*Using this method is not advisable.


External CSS

Using external CSS is the best practice to design or style website or webpage.


1. Create a file name style.css.
2. In style.css file add the following:

3. Link style.css into your HTML file.

This will change the color of <h1> element to red.

That’s enough theory on HTML and CSS. Now let’s jump into real world of web designing with step by step practical approach.

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